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Rebel Relics is one of the most trusted names in online Antique Military Stores with an inventory covering hundreds of years of history. Rebel Relics has grown and out grown just one website and now boosts it’s sister site AKINS AMERICANA and we now have our brick and mortar store open in Smyrna, Tennessee. My name is Brian Akins, I attend with sale and award winning display tables most of the National Antique Arm shows and many of the Nations top gun shows. We carry a wide variety of artifacts from Revolutionary War through Vietnam War.

Rebel Relics website specializes in Confederate Bowie Knives, Confederate Long Arms, Confederate Uniforms, Confederate Flags, Confederate Revolvers, and Southern Pre Civil War Arms. I also have a passion for Southern Long Rifles especially Tennessee Long Rifles and Confederate Shotguns. I have an extensive collection of Tennessee Long Rifles and Southern retailer and Confederate used shotguns. Many with bayonet adapters and the actual shotgun bayonets that fit the shotgun.

Rebel Relics and Akins Americana websites are the fruits of 30 plus years of collecting and finding Civil War Relics while metal detecting and arrowhead hunting with my dad. I bought my first Civil War Sword from Larry Hicklen before I could even drive a car and before that was collecting Japanese Military Swords from World War II. I still have every arrowhead I ever found and every shot bullet so I am a collector first and retailer a distant second. I will treat every customer and transaction as if I was the customer and your satisfaction is my priority. Both of my websites are well maintained and updated four to five times a week and often several times a day.

Rebel Relics consistently offers the best in Confederate Artifacts with emphasis on Confederate Firearms, Confederate Uniforms, Confederate Flags, Confederate Shotguns, Confederate Buttons, Confederate Swords, Confederate D-Guards, and Southern Militaria. I have sold some of the finest Confederate Officer Frock Coats and Confederate Columbus Depot Shell Jackets along with many rare Confederate Arsenal produced firearms. I have always had a passion for Bowie Knives used during the American Civil War. Rebel Relics is your home for buying quality Confederate Arsenal and Southern Blacksmith made Bowie Knives.

I am always buying single items and large collections of military items. I have been hired as an auction appraiser for national auction house and for insurance purposes. I offer consignment for single items and large collections for an industry best 10% percent commission. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding all aspects of your collecting concerns. If your travels bring you near Middle Tennessee please come by the shop and see our ever changing inventory and have a cup of coffee.

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