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Indian Princess Militia Sword
Item #: RR707
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Indian Princess Militia Sword with stunning eye appeal. This Indian Princess Militia Sword has its original scabbard. I love these swords and they are as much a work of art as military. There are some identified South Carolina Officers with the same sword. This Indian Princess Militia Sword is solid and in great overall condition. Does show some honest usage from service but, still tight and very beautiful. All original and not been monkied with at all. Check out the images.

Quick update as I am packing for the Lexington Long Rifle Show and Marietta, Ga. Show. I will be at the CLA Show on Thursday for dealer setup. I will be at the Civil War Show all 3 Days. Look forward to seeing you. Text for faster than email service.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR707

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