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Civil War Haiman Cavalry Saber
Item #: RR760
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Civil War Haiman Cavalry Saber with its original Confederate Scabbard. This Civil War Haiman Cavalry Saber has a beautiful full-length blade. The leather and single strand iron wire grip wrap are nice and tight. This Civil War Haiman Cavalry Saber displays Rebel Relics Strong. The price point is below what I see at the Civil War Relics Shows. Checkout all the images and enjoy. There is a TIK TOK video and YouTube video of this wonderful Civil War Haiman Cavalry Saber.

I am leaving for Texas in the morning. Eleven days of three collections, museum visit, and Texas Gun Collector Show. When I get home I will get caught up on packing and shipping Rebel Relics. Feel free to reach out if you need me. I will also be at the Gettysburg Show the following weekend.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR760

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