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Confederate Two-Piece "CS" Buckle
Item #: RR730
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Confederate Two-Piece "CS" Buckle with beautiful eye appeal. This Confederate Two-Piece "CS" Buckle has a stunning patina. This Confederate Buckle was excavated in Virginia. The consignor is looking for the exact location in his notes. This Confederate Two-Piece "CS" Buckle is solid with no repairs and is as found. Check out the images and Rebel Relics Yell at Brian Akins for service.

The car wreck has caused me tremendous pain and making everything I do a pain. I did ship out over 20 items today. I had to get some help to get that done. Hang in there with me and hopefully the Doctors can get me back to health. Feel free to text me 615-772-7008 if need anything.

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR730

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