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Model 1860 Spencer Carbine
Item #: RR721
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Model 1860 Spencer Carbine I recently purchased from a picker out West. This Model 1860 Spencer Carbine has nice working action and mechanically sound. This carbine was found in an outbuilding and has been gently cleaned up and rear sight piece added. This Model 1860 Spencer Carbine no doubt saw double duty .... Civil War & Indian War usage. The barrel address is light from the storage through the years. The original walnut stock and forearm are really nice. Sling swivel is "M.I.A." which is common on carbines used out West. Carbine saddle sheaths were more popular than slings. Serail number is visible, and I will find my book and see if it lands with a unit.

SOMEONE WANTED PICTURES OF A SPENCER CARBINE .... I DON'T REMEMBER WHO .... HOPEFULLY YOU SEE THIS POST TODAY. The wreck has got me way behind. Still sore as hell and missed two collection visits and opening of bow season.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR721
Price: $1,985.00 USD (Sale Pending)

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