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Merwin & Bray Army Revolver
Item #: RR714
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Merwin & Bray Army Revolver with stunning condition. This Merwin & Bray Army Revolver has some original finish and crisp action. This Third Model "heavy Frame" fires a .42 caliber cup primed bullet. This Merwin & Bray Army Revolver is a rare six shooter and an example many collections are missing. The Merwin & Bray Holster is original to the revolver. The seam is loose and the tab is broken. The main seam could easily be repaired. I am only charging for the revolver and the holster is included. This is an earlier production revolver with the "Plant Manufacturing Company" markings. Really cool revolver and some cool antique firearm history with the company.

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Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR714

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