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Ames Bowie Knife
Item #: RR653
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Ames Bowie Knife with stunning overall condition and eye appeal. This Ames Bowie Knife recently surfaced near Springfield, MA. the Hometown of Ames. This Ames Bowie Knife could be the only known example. The handle was never drilled for the rivets of an artillery sword. The handle was gold plated and stippled with one rivet to secure the blade. There is no military inspector "WD" this blade was made from the Ames Factory for this custom knife. This Ames Bowie Knife is in extremely nice condition.

This Ames Bowie Knife has as Paul Harvey said "the rest of the story". I will share the rest of the story with final buyer. I have included two other similar knives pictured in books. Also a period image with a solider with this exact style Bowie Knife. Notice his knife has the rounded artillery style cross guard.

This Ames Bowie Knife will make a centerpiece in an Antique Bowie Knife Collection. Call or Text Brian Akins for faster than email service. I am almost recovered from the trip .... laugh out loud.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR653

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