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Early Model Whitney Navy Revolver
Item #: RR642
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Early Model Whitney Navy Revolver absolutely fresh to the market. This Early Model Whitney Navy Revolver surfaced in Texas. This .36 caliber six shooter saw service and lived to tell about it. The action is works but could use a little mechanical love. The whole example could use a little oil. The barrel address is worn clean off the top. The serial number is strong and pictured. This Early Model Whitney Navy Revolver has a stealth fighter look to it. The loading lever catch looks like a blacksmith "field replacement." Check out the images and the UNBEATABLE REBEL RELICS PRICE POINT.

We made it to Mansfield, Ohio for the show. Leaving here and headed to Brimfield Flea Market Saturday Night. I will be leaving Brimfield and doing the Allentown Gun Show on Friday. Leaving there and driving up to Poulin Auction.

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR642

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