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Oklahoma Rebel Enfield Musket
Item #: RR632
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Oklahoma Rebel Enfield Musket fresh from Tulsa Oklahoma. This Oklahoma Rebel Enfield Musket has "JAWBONE" history of Native American Confederate usage. The condition does back up the oral tradition. Notice the nails filed to stabilize two-barrel bands. The burnout is awesome, and no doubt saw and maybe killed the "elephant". The action is strong and would still bust a cap today. The ramrod is short, and my guess added after the conflict. Notice the picture of the mark behind the trigger guard. Half full cup sure looks like a wore out anchor mark. The 1861 dated lock is nice and I love the wear from the sling swivel, which is "MIA".

Check out the images and the Rebel Relics Price. Cheapest probable Confederate Native American used musket in history, LOL. I WILL BE AT THE GETTYSBURG SHOW THIS WEEKEND.

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Item # RR632
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