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New Orleans Marked Civil War
Item #: RR543
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New Orleans Marked Civil War Double Barrel Shotgun. This New Orleans Marked Civil War Shotgun has the condition and eye appeal of a Confederate carried weapon. I just sold a double barrel with a carved boar head that surfaced in Texas. It was not Southern State Retail marked but no doubt saw hard usage. Hunting Guns just don't have the wear of these John J. Rebel off to kill invading Yankees carried scatterguns. I have hunted rabbits and squirrels my whole life and my Remington 1100 still looks great.

Just received this on consignment and only history is the letter from another dealer. Enjoy the images and the TWO FOR TUESDAY NEW ORLEANS REBEL UPDATES. Call or text for fast service.

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Item # RR543

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