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Alabama Confederate Cavalry Coat
Item #: RR533
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Alabama Confederate Cavalry Coat with SOUTHERN STUNNING Rebel Relics Eye Popping Appeal. This Alabama Confederate Cavalry Coat is what the 1861 newly formed Alabama Cavalry was issued. This is not a "one of one" coatee. There are several other examples just like this Confederate Cavalry Coat. I know of an identified example just like this one. It is identified to a Trooper in the 2nd. Alabama Cavalry. Check out all the Confederate Manuscript Infantry Buttons ..... just stunning.

The liner is in wonderful condition. The body of this coatee is solid as they come. The buttons are period original and untouched since 1861. I wish TENNESSEE had a coat like this out there for sale. This example should have somebody in ALABAMA Rebel Relics Yelling.
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Item # RR533
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