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Native American Serpent Trade Gun
Item #: RR374
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Native American Serpent Trade Gun with freaking awesome condition. This Native American Serpent Trade Gun was out on the hunt. This is not a late trade gun that sat on the Reservation. This Native American Serpent Trade Gun would have been a warrior's constant companion. The butt plate was removed by the warrior. Lighten his load and the brass used for more beneficial usage. They were field crafted into hide scrapers and many other usages. The barrel was cut to little 25" inches. many were cut down by the warriors to be more manageable on horseback. The stock shows countless months on the Frontier. Classic big trigger guard and numerous field bumps, dings, and repairs. You will love this Native American Serpent Side Plate Trade Gun. It screams American Wild West and the Western Expansion of the United States. Trade Guns like this at the Antique Arms Shows are 4K and up. Check out the Rebel Relics Price.

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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Item # RR374

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