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Antique Southern D-Guard
Item #: RR320
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Antique Southern D-Guard with absolute stunning eye appeal. This Antique Southern D-Guard is truly just freaking awesome. The blade was crafted from a rasp. That alone just screams the plight of the South. You can see rasp in this meaty spear point blade. This hefty Antique Bowie Knife just screams "THE YANKEES ARE COMING." The walnut turned wood handle is beautiful. The construction of the handle lead to the failure. I have added plenty of images of the cracked and loose grip. The pommel is solid as is the classic "D" shaped handle. The blade shape leaves no doubt that this bowie was crafted for field dressing Yankees. Fresh to the market and one in hand you will cherish.

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Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR320

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