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Alabama Civil War Relics
Item #: RR294
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Alabama Civil War Relics Haversack with "AVC" stencil. This Alabama Civil War Relics Haversack has museum eye appeal. There is one made out of the same material identified to a Mississippi Soldier. I have images of it if buyer wants them. I love the eagle button for securing the haversack. This Alabama Civil War Relics Haversack is listed on another civil war relics website for $12,500.00 bucks. I now have this Bad Boy Rebel Relics Priced.

Call Brian Akins for service. Times have been really "busy" here. Email is behind due to little family issue. I don't like family talk on here but ..... people have noticed my tardiness. Please call me or hang in there for email return.

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR294

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