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Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy Rifle
Item #: RR268
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Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy Rifle about as untouched as you will find one. I love this early production Yellow Boy Rifle. This Bad Boy is early enough to have seen all of the American Wild West. The 1869 year of production is just awesome. Very well could have been at Little Big Horn, Rosebud, Red River, and later on a Cattle Drive. I do like that the front swivel has been gone forever. No need for a swivel for Native Americans or Saddle Sheathed. The brass frame has a beautiful patina and a honest with no modern restoration. The serial number is strong and barrel address is visible. This is an awesome example if you love your Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy Rifles early and untouched.

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Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Item # RR268

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