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Confederate Antique Bowie Knife
Item #: RR226
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Confederate Antique Bowie Knife with original sheath. This Confederate Antique Bowie Knife was crafted from a file. This Antique Bowie Knife feels awesome in the hand. The spear point blade was crafted for only one task. The sheath is the brown leather we love and often see on Southern Wartime treasures. The handle has a soldier's name scratched carved. I believe he is a Mississippi guy. I will let the new owner decide that and happy to share my quick research and thoughts. Not selling as an identified Antique Bowie but, the scratch carving is 1861 and legit.

This Confederate Antique Bowie Knife is solid. I love the file crafted spear point blade. The former file turned Yankee Destroyer is an awesome blade. Call Brian Akins to talk Antique Bowie Knives.

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR226

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