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Pipe Tomahawk
Item #: RR224
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Pipe Tomahawk with stunning condition and eye appeal. This Pipe Tomahawk is hand forged with "Diamond" eye. I love the filed shoulders and acorn bowl. The original haft was decorated with a heated rasp. The clean out plug is intact with formed mouthpiece. This is a Plains Indian example from 1860 to 1870s. I do really like the pewter gasket still reporting for war or party. No doubt this Antique Native American Pipe Tomahawk could have Smoked and Fought at Little Big Horn.

Check out all the images and enjoy. This Pipe Tomahawk will have you dancing .... War Dance or Love Dance is up to you. Buy with confidence .... my Authentic Examples normally leave here and bring thousands more down the trail.

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR224
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