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Dickson Nelson Rifle
Item #: RR127
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Dickson Nelson Confederate Rifle with Rebel Strong eye appeal. This Dickson Nelson is fresh to the market. It had been in Texas and very well could have traveled there after the War of Northern Aggression. It does have the often seen initials carved on the stock. The stock has the what I call Dickson Nelson cracks. If you study these rifles you will see the breech tang fit is not professional grade. There is always a gap, which causes cracks around the wood and breech. This example was fired in anger and there was burnout but, someone repaired the burnout. The lock plate is beautiful with strong maker and date. The barrel has correct markings with all the brass bands reporting for duty. This is a Rebel Relics Killer example and priced under market.

Call Brian Akins for service or use my email. I don't do online transactions as things move to fast. I travel so much I can't keep the sold items up to date. Hope to see everyone in Gettysburg and Tulsa. I will also be at the Poulin Auction the week in between the two shows. I will be bidding for customers there and can provide you this service.

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Item # RR127

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