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Japanese Navy Shin Gunto
Item #: RR193
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Japanese Navy Shin Gunto with strong condition and eye appeal. This Japanese Navy Shin Gunto has a wonderful World War Two time frame produced blade. The Naval hardware is minty and the wood scabbard is in awesome condition. The blade has an unmolested cutting edge with original sine.

many of the Japanese Navy Shin Gunto examples are laying on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This Japanese Navay Sword is Rebel Relics Priced. I bought three dozen Japanese Swords and they are selling like "hotcakes". Here is your chnace to add one to your collection .... call Brian Akins for all your Antique Arms.

In the last two months sold a killer Virginia Infantry Flag and some of the best CS Swords known. That said, also moved two gorgeous Henry Rifles and "SMOKING" Pipe Tomahawks. I can take your collection through time and back again.
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR193

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