American Indian Tomahawks

Antique Pipe Tomahawk

$3,650.00   LAYAWAY  Antique Pipe Tomahawk with stunning Rebel Relics eye appeal.  This Antique Pipe Tomahawk has a deep patina.  The head is roughly 7 1/2" inches long.  This Antique Pipe Tomahawk is 20 1/2" inches long.  Nice Early Antique Pipe Tomahawk.  My thinking is an Imported Antique Pipe Tomahawk for The [...]Read more

American Indian Tomahawk

SOLD  American Indian Tomahawk with deep unmolested patina.  This American Indian Tomahawk dates around mid to late 1700's.  This is my first offering for American Indian Tomahawk examples for sale.  I am excited to start offering these Artifacts.  I currently own over 30 American Indian Tomahawks.  I have handled 500 [...]Read more

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