Civil War Blacksmith Confederate Bowie

SOLD  Civil War Blacksmith Confederate Bowie originally purchased from R.E. Neville decades ago.  This Civil War Blacksmith Confederate Bowie has a crown antler handle which would have been an available resource for a Southern Blacksmith.  The antler is nicely peened with brass pommel.  The oval cross guard [...]Read more

Bilharz, Hall & Co. Muzzleloading Carbine

SOLD Bilharz, Hall & Co. Muzzleloading Carbine This is an extremely rare example of a Confederate made carbine.  This muzzle-loading carbine was manufactured by Bilharz, Hall and Co., of Pittsylvania, Courthouse, Virginia, from late 1863 to early 1864. Manufacture of these rarely encountered Confederate cavalry carbines was originally [...]Read more

Civil War Colt Model 1849 Revolver Holster

SOLD Civil War Colt Model 1849 Revolver Holster that just surfaced near my second favorite State of Texas.  My old "picker" is back on the prowl good Ole Frisco Johnny from Frisco, Texas.  This leather flap holster is beautiful with solid stitching.  The tooling on the leather [...]Read more

Confederate “Droop Wing” Eagle Button

SOLD Confederate "Droop Wing" Eagle Button  ~  Confederate "Droop Wing" Eagle Button was excavated in South Carolina.  I have the digger's name and location and will be shared with the buyer.  This button has a beautiful dark brown patina.  This Confederate "Droop Wing" Eagle Button has had [...]Read more

Virginia Manufactory Saber, Civil War Sword

SOLD Virginia Manufactory Saber  ~  Virginia Manufactory saber, Civil War sword produced from 1804 thru 1821.  The State of Virginia issued these swords to their State cavalry.  There were three models of this pattern sword the first having a very large 40.5 inch blade.  The second model [...]Read more

Civil War Confederate Kepi

SOLD Confederate Headgear  ~  Civil War Confederate Kepi original sold by The Horse Soldier and has their business letter.  The letter states the history of the kepi with details where it surfaced.  This Civil War Confederate Kepi also has a letter of authenticity from Les Jensen.  Les Jensen [...]Read more

Civil War Canteen

SOLD $365.00 Bottoms Up  ~  Civil War Canteen complete with original cover, cotton strap, and stopper.  The face of this Civil War Canteen does have some writing and what looks to be a number.  This is a very nice Yankee Civil War Relic probably a Mid-War example.  [...]Read more

Smith & Wesson No. 2 Revolver

$585.00 Fire and Rain  ~  Smith & Wesson No. 2 Revolver (a.k.a. Model no. 2 Army) with strong eye appeal and condition.  These revolvers were manufactured from 1861-1874 with around 77,155 made.  During the American Civil War these Smith & Wesson No. 2 Revolvers were popular because [...]Read more

Confederate Image 1/6 Plate

SOLD Old Times  ~  Confederate Image 1/6 Plate of a young Confederate soldier getting ready to go fight the War of Northern Aggression.  Beautiful sixth plate ambrotype of a handsome Rebel wearing his Confederate uniform.  This uniform is similar to those worn by the soldiers of the [...]Read more

Confederate Mississippi Infantry Button

SOLD LOST AND FOUND  ~  Confederate Mississippi Infantry Button with some highlights of original gold gilt.  The "I" for Confederate Infantry is still standing tall and proud.  This Confederate Mississippi Infantry Button is another local Middle Tennessee Relic find.  It is part of a huge collection I [...]Read more
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