Civil War Relics

$795.00 Civil War Relics from the Lone Star State.  Four Rebel Strong Civil War Relics picked up on my buying trip.  I have done zero research on the identification.  I just got home and leave Monday for Gettysburg, Pa.  Should be buying many more Civil War Relics [...]Read more

Antique Bowie Knife

SOLD Antique Bowie Knife with original sheath.  I love this Antique Bowie Knife.  Check out the bone handle.  The decorative carved handle is awesome.  The little "S" guard adds some style.  Any Civil War Era Bowie with it's original sheath is scarce.  This Antique Bowie Knife is [...]Read more

Confederate Percussion Cap Box

SOLD Confederate Percussion Cap Box with classic Southern War Time construction.  This Confederate Percussion Cap Box has the big wide single loop.  This Confederate Percussion Cap Box has the lead closure stud.  This Confederate Percussion Cap Box has The World Famous Rebel Relics Pricing.  If your not familiar [...]Read more

Civil War Era Snake Buckle

SOLD Civil War Era Snake Buckle from recent collection.  This collection came to the Akins' Americana Shop.  It was all Civil War Relics the family had collected.  This Civil War Era Snake Buckle has nice aged patina.  This Civil War Era Snake Buckle has some honest wear.  [...]Read more

Model 1842 Austrian Carbine

SOLD Model 1842 Austrian Carbine with Rebel Strong eye appeal and condition.  I love this Model 1842 Austrian Carbine.  The action is crisp and mechanically sound.  All the original strikes are still visible on the Austrian Carbine.  Civil War Relics are highly sought after.  Civil War Carbines [...]Read more

Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate

SOLD Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate with beautiful patina.  I love these Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate examples.  They have to be the prettiest of all Civil War belt buckles.  This Model 1851 Sword Belt Plate has nice body curve.  The German Silver wreath is gorgeous.  We have [...]Read more

Civil War Lorenz Rifle

SOLD Civil War Lorenz Rifle from the Lone Star State.  This Civil War Lorenz Rifle has a Red Single Star painted on each side of the stock.  This Civil War Lorenz Rifle has wonderful bore.  The action is crisp.  The original ram rod is ready for action.  This [...]Read more

Civil War Savage Navy Revolver

SOLD Civil War Savage Navy Revolver with nice working action.  Every antique gun collections needs a Civil War Savage Navy Revolver.  The maker mark is visible on top of the frame.  This Civil War Savage Navy Revolver has a dark patina.  The wood grips have one little [...]Read more

United Confederate Veteran Jacket

SOLD United Confederate Veteran Jacket with original badge.  If your War Room is not ready for a original Confederate Uniform.  This United Confederate Veteran Jacket will look awesome on display.  If you have a Confederate belt and canteen this could be dressed up beautiful.  I love the [...]Read more

General Nathan Bedford Forrest

SOLD General Nathan Bedford Forrest REUNION CELLULOID.  General Nathan Bedford Forrest collectibles are wildly collectible.  I would dare say General Nathan Bedford Forrest is one of the most famous of all Civil War Generals.  I personally love The General Nathan Bedford Forrest and my ancestors RODE WITH FORREST.  [...]Read more
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