Confederate Side Knife & Scabbard

SOLD Confederate Side Knife   ~    Confederate Side Knife and Scabbard originally sold by R.E. Neville of Mobile, Alabama.  This is a picture perfect example of what a Confederate Side Knife with original scabbard should look like.  The blade is crafted from a file.  The cross guard appears [...]Read more

Confederate Percussion Cap Box

SOLD Confederate Percussion Cap Box   ~    Beautiful Confederate Percussion Cap Box with Rebel Relic strong eye appeal and condition.  This percussion cap box has Southern War Time craftsmanship everywhere from the hand stitched construction to the very crude sand cast closure stud.  The two belt loops have [...]Read more

Confederate Button

SOLD Confederate Infantry Button   ~   Confederate Button excavated near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  This Confederate Button is made from pewter and as everybody knows, pewter is an extremely soft metal. The South had limited time and industry to build an army and soft metal would have been their choice.  [...]Read more

Civil War Pommel Holster

SOLD TWO GUNS ONE FOR EACH OF YOU   ~   Civil War Pommel Holster recently surfaced and probably the best Pommel Holster I have ever seen.  The leather is like new and still has the brass decorative boots.  The closure tabs are usually missing on pommel holsters and [...]Read more

Confederate Tin Drum Canteen

SOLD Confederate Canteen   ~    Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with outstanding overall condition and strong Rebel Relic eye appeal.  There are many tin canteens on the market today many are pre 1860 and many more post 1865.  The construction and shape of this example allows collectors to know [...]Read more

Mississippi Infantry Button

SOLD Mississippi Infantry Button    ~     Mississippi Infantry Button with beautiful chocolate brown patina and stand up shank.  This is a cuff size button with some gold gilt still remaining and light but visible back mark.  The back mark is "Hyde & Goodrich" and can be seen without [...]Read more

Confederate Model 1832 Short Artillery Sword

SOLD Confederate Sword Model 1832 ~    Confederate Model 1832 Short Artillery Sword patterned after the Federal Model 1832 Short Artillery Sword.  Confederate Swords are one of the most prized collectibles and have always been sought after by collectors.  These brass short artillery swords are awesome and bring back the Gladiator days of [...]Read more

British Pattern 1856 Confederate Import Carbine

British Confederate Import Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbine
Image Gallery SOLD Denver Show Find   ~   British Confederate Import Pattern 1856 Cavalry Carbine with outstanding condition and strong eye appeal.  These Pattern 1856 Carbines were imported through the Yankee Naval Blockades and used by both sides.  This carbine has normal wear and surfaced at the Denver [...]Read more

Bible of General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest Bible SOLD SAVING GRACE   ~   New Testament Bible presented to General Nathan Bedford Forrest. This London printed New Testament Bible was presented to General N. B. Forrest in 1864 in Alabama. The condition of the Bible is very good with nicely written hand inscription [...]Read more

Model 1842 North Carolina Single Shot Pistol

SOLD Model 1842 North Carolina Single Shot Pistol with Rebel Relics eye appeal.  Model 1842 North Carolina Single Shot Pistol has Rebel oozing out the pores.  These Model 1842 Pistols would have been in Southern Arsenals before the Civil War started.  Southern States were trying to secure [...]Read more
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