Pittsfield A. D. Stevens Civil War Drum

SOLD Pittsfield A. D. Stevens Civil War Drum with excellent label inside.  This Pittsfield A. D. Stevens Civil War Drum has an unbelievable patina.  It has aged with stunning original color faded to a rich vintage patina.  This Civil War Drum is in original condition.  The ropes have [...]Read more

Confederate Bowie with Tin Sheath

SOLD Confederate Bowie with Tin Sheath and Rebel Strong condition.  This Confederate Bowie with Tin Sheath has a beautiful GAR tag.  This Confederate Bowie was taken by a Yankee "collector" Soldier as a War Trophy.  Think about it, Rebel Relics were collectible even back then.  The tin sheath [...]Read more

Confederate Louisiana Shotgun

SOLD Confederate Louisiana Shotgun with Rebel Strong eye appeal.  This Confederate Louisiana Shotgun will be published in the upcoming book on Confederate Shotguns.  I gaaraanteee .... A mad Louisiana Swamp Cajun with a Scatter Gun scared the "stew" out of some Yankees.  This Confederate used shotgun is [...]Read more

Richmond Virginia Confederate Musket

SOLD Richmond Virginia Confederate Musket that is the epitome of the old collector term "in the black".  This Richmond Virginia Confederate Musket is truly untouched.  I have not even wiped it off.  There is some old white paint on the stock.  No doubt go ton there while the room [...]Read more

Confederate Infantry Button

SOLD Confederate Infantry Button with Rebel Strong patina.  This Confederate Infantry Button is beautiful.  I love the dark green patina.  Like all solid cast Confederate Infantry Buttons this is a solid example.  Very seldom do you see a Confederate Infantry Button like this damaged.  These Confederate Buttons [...]Read more

Confederate British Import Musket

SOLD Confederate British Import Musket with "JS" Anchor and numbered butt plate.  This Confederate Firearm walked into the South Carolina Show few weekends ago.  Originally this was an Enfield three bander with "JS" Anchor and an "A" series numbered butt plate.  My opinion, the musket was battle [...]Read more

Confederate States of America Pike

SOLD Confederate States of America Pike on the original pole.  This Confederate States of America Pike is one rare Rebel Relics Treasure.  I have seen this style Confederate States of America Pike sell for around ten thousand dollars.  This has to be the Bad Boy of Confederate [...]Read more

Confederate Georgia Coat Button

SOLD Confederate Georgia Coat Button with interesting story.  This Confederate Georgia Coat Button was brought by my table at the Franklin Show years ago.  The lady had a box of Civil War Relics.  In the box was a Confederate D Guard and other treasures.  There was a pile [...]Read more

Confederate Spear Point Side Knife

$895.00.   ON HOLD Confederate Spear Point Side Knife with letter from former seller Shannon Pritchard.  This Confederate Spear Point Side Knife is Rebel Strong.  It could be used for close quarter combat today.  The construction is typical of knives made in the 1850s thru 1870s.  The blade [...]Read more

Confederate Spear Point Bowie

SOLD Confederate Spear Point Bowie with Rebel Strong eye appeal and condition.  Every Civil War Relics Collection needs a Confederate Spear Point Bowie.  Here is a super scarce W. J. McElroy, Macon, Georgia manufactured Confederate Bowie.  This Confederate Spear Point Bowie is one of the longer patterns.  [...]Read more
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