Austrian Civil War Carbine with excellent Rebel Relics Condition.  This Austrian Civil War Carbine has crisp action and original ram rod.  All correct markings and just an excellent example.  These .71 caliber horse soldier cannons would have been menacing up close and personal.  The stock has just the perfect blend of honest usage and no issues.  This Austrian Civil War Carbine was there and still very collectible.  These Austrian Civil War Carbine examples were $1,250.00 at the shows.  Some even missing their ram rod at that dollar.  Ole Rebel has your civil war relics and just a little under market.

I am back ..... 5 shows in 3 weeks.  I am behind on shipping, typing, talking, and chasing momma around.  One of those is already back up to par and today will start on the rest.  If you need me call me.  Please use my email for service.   Hope all is well and lots of civil war relics coming.  


Austrian Civil War Carbine

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