Boyle, Gamble, & McFee Sword Confederate Sword.  This Boyle, Gamble, & McFee Sword is beautiful with killer aged patina.  The brass truly has that "Confederate Brass" patina we all love.  The blade is really nice and full length.  No Yankee Cranium nicks or boo boos.  The grip is nice and tight with single strand brass wire.  The pommel cap is a 1861 Southern Craftsmanship beauty.  Love the file finishing and killer patina.  The peen is undisturbed and gorgeous.  The leather scabbard is missing a middle brass mount.  Jeff Leathers can make you one if you wish.  The sheath is solid with top mount and brass drag.  Very few of these Boyle, Gamble, & McFee Sword examples have the leather sheath.  Call Brian Akins for service.


Boyle, Gamble, & McFee Sword

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