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Confederate Identified D-Guard
Item #: RR190
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Confederate Identified D-Guard Published in the Confederate Bowie Knife Book. This Confederate Identified D-Guard has a notarized letter from the family confirming the Identification. It also has an authentication letter from J. S. Mosby Antiques .... R. E. Neville, Jr.

This Confederate Identified D-Guard Bowie Knife is absolutely awesome. I love crown antler bowie knives anyway but, this example is special. The antler handle has a deep gorgeous aged patina. The blade is still period razor sharp. No doubt William C. McCord meant to field dress invading Yankees. This Antique Bowie Knife is solid with no play when swung or thrust. The tin scabbard is solid as they come with belt loop. If your Antique Bowie Knife Collection is missing a "side d-guard" or crown antler handle ..... call Brian Akins.
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # RR190

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