Civil War Relics Yankee Infantry Kepi

SOLD Civil War Relics Yankee Infantry Kepi with his Chevrons.  This Civil War Relics Yankee Infantry Kepi is solid with some honest wear.  The kepi buttons are "M.I.A." and also is the chin strap.  Both are easy fixes that I could have done.  That said, I love the [...]Read more

Confederate Frock Coat

SOLD Confederate Frock Coat with beautiful eye appeal.  This Confederate Frock Coat recently surfaced and is new to the market.  I purchased this Confederate Frock Coat last year at the Gettysburg Civil War Relics Show.   A Confederate Frock Coat is probably the pinnacle for a Civil War Relics Collection.  [...]Read more

Civil War Confederate Veteran Uniform

SOLD Civil War Confederate Veteran Uniform with two original Reunion Buttons.  This Civil War Confederate Veteran Uniform has all the eye appeal of the real deal.  I love the color of this Civil War Confederate Veteran Uniform.  No doubt this Rebel Veteran didn't want to look like a [...]Read more

General Nathan Bedford Forrest Cavalry

SOLD General Nathan Bedford Forrest Cavalry Trooper's Grouping.  This General Nathan Bedford Forrest Cavalry grouping is fresh to the market.  The old saying "I ride with Forrest" is right here.  This is an identified grouping belonging to Private George Booth Baskerville of the 12th Confederate Cavalry.  This makes [...]Read more

Confederate Civil War Kepi

SOLD Confederate Civil War Kepi with authenticity letter from Les Jensen.  This Confederate Civil War Kepi also has letter from Shannon Pritchard.  I have the original listing and letter from Old South Antiques.  The Les Jensen letter is addressed to the Horse Soldier.  My guess this Confederate Civil [...]Read more

Civil War Confederate Kepi

SOLD Confederate Headgear  ~  Civil War Confederate Kepi original sold by The Horse Soldier and has their business letter.  The letter states the history of the kepi with details where it surfaced.  This Civil War Confederate Kepi also has a letter of authenticity from Les Jensen.  Les Jensen [...]Read more
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