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Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword

SOLD Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword with outstanding eye appeal and condition.  If your collection is missing a Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword here is your sword.  The handle leather and wire are original.  The grip is tight with no wobble.  The original Confederate scabbard has an [...]Read more

Antique Single Shot Pistol

SOLD Antique Single Shot Pistol with nice working action.  This Antique Single Shot Pistol has a silver shield rear of the hammer.  The original walnut handle is in awesome condition.  The frame, hammer, and trigger guard are engraved.  The Civil War Excavated Relic Books are full of [...]Read more

Confederate Blacksmith Fighting Knife

SOLD Confederate Blacksmith Fighting Knife with classic Southern Craftsmanship.  Times have not changed much since 1861.  I still carry at a minimum two knives everyday.  Most of the time I'm not even fending off invaders.  No doubt in 1861 every fighting age Confederate would have wanted a Confederate Blacksmith Fighting [...]Read more

F. H. Clark Memphis Tennessee Deringer

SOLD F. H. Clark Memphis Tennessee Deringer with Rebel one shot one kill eye appeal.  Nothing says Antique American Firearms like a Deringer Pistol.  The concept of a small profile large caliber pistol is still strong today.  Numerous Civil War period images show Southern Boys proudly brandishing [...]Read more

B. Douglas Confederate Sword

SOLD B. Douglas Confederate Sword with it's original B. Douglas Confederate Scabbard.  Here is another instant Rebel Relics Classic.  This B. Douglas Confederate Sword sums up all the collector clichés.  It's untouched attic in the black unmolested and ready for love.  This Confederate Sword has the Rebel [...]Read more

Thomas Griswold Confederate Sword

SOLD Thomas Griswold Confederate Sword with firm name stamped on the blade.  This Thomas Griswold Confederate Sword was originally sold By Shiloh Relics.  I just received this Confederate Sword on consignment.  If your new to Rebel Relics I love consignment items.  I only charge 10 percent for [...]Read more

Colt Navy Percussion Revolver

SOLD Colt Navy Percussion Revolver with the more Southern "friendly" barrel address.  This Colt Navy Percussion Revolver has the Hartford stamped barrel address.  Even today hot a hot sauce commercial thinks nobody wants hot sauce from "NEW YORK CITY".  The action is crisp on this Colt Navy Percussion [...]Read more

Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver

SOLD Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver in fine condition.  This Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver has crisp action.  There is visible cylinder scene.  The original walnut grips are strong.  There is plenty of original finish.  The screws are in wonderful condition.  This Whitney Navy Percussion Revolver is serial number 93.  [...]Read more

Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Confederate Sword

SOLD This Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Confederate Sword with original leather grip.  This Boyle, Gamble & MacFee Confederate Sword has the classic B & G single strand brass wire.  I love the Boyle, Gamble & MacFee cast into the guard.  The pommel cap is undisturbed.  The pommel [...]Read more

Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver

SOLD Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver with strong condition and eye appeal.  This Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver has military inspector stamps.  One stamp on each side of the original walnut grips.  The cylinder scene is Rebel Strong.  The Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver was the workhorse of [...]Read more
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