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Identified Confederate D Guard

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SOLD Identified Confederate D Guard with stack of paperwork.  This Identified Confederate D Guard belonged to Captain Samuel Vance.  He served in the Second Tennessee Volunteer Infantry.  This Identified Confederate D Guard comes with literally a book of research.  The overall length is 19" inches.  The blade on this Identified [...]Read more

General Custer Colt Avenger Revolver

SOLD General Custer Colt Avenger Revolver with no doubt Native American usage.  This General Custer Colt Avenger Revolver has a John A. Kopec Letter.  The serial number puts in right smack gold for the revolvers issued to the replacement troops.  These revolvers are referred to as the General Custer [...]Read more

US Simeon North Conversion Pistol

SOLD US Simeon North Conversion Pistol with strong action and mechanically sound.  This US Simeon North Conversion Pistol is ready for display.  This is another recent pick from my Texas Picker.  The US Simeon North Conversion Pistol is a big ole single shot beast.  This US Simeon North Conversion [...]Read more

Confederate Blacksmith Fighting Knife

SOLD Confederate Blacksmith Fighting Knife with massive 24 1/2" overall length.  This Confederate Blacksmith Fighting Knife has a hefty 19" inch blade.  This blade has a strong median ridge running the whole blade.  I love the picture perfect Southern Blacksmith Crafting and check out that ferrule.  The blade [...]Read more

Confederate Import Enfield Rifle

SOLD Confederate Import Enfield Rifle with Confederate JS Anchor Inspector mark.  This Confederate Import Enfield Rifle is untouched and was found in a barn in Mississippi.  This Confederate Import Enfield Rifle has five groove rifling.  These rifles would have been issued to the "Snipers" laugh out loud of the [...]Read more

Confederate Richmond Virginia Musket

SOLD Confederate Richmond Virginia Musket with all the Richmond Virginia Armory Musket traits.  This Confederate Richmond Virginia Musket has the brass nose cap and butt plate.  The barrel band letter is offset from the spring bands.  The lock plate is nicely marked with maker and 1863 date.  The [...]Read more

New Orleans Marked Revolver

SOLD New Orleans Marked Revolver with strong action and mechanics.  This New Orleans Marked Revolver has an etched frame with original wood grips.  This New Orleans Marked Revolver is nicely marked "Bouron & Son Importers New Orleans Louisiana" underneath the barrel.  This .44 caliber six shooter has Rebel [...]Read more

Model 1842 Ashton Single Shot Pistol

SOLD Model 1842 Ashton Single Shot Pistol with nice markings.  The Model 1842 Ashton Single Shot Pistol is another classic Antique Pistol.  Every Civil War Relics Collection should have a pair.  There is a faint military inspector mark in the wood.  The barrel date is visible and [...]Read more

Nashville Plow Works Confederate Sword

SOLD Nashville Plow Works Confederate Sword with Rebel Relics Strong Southern Sand Casting.  The hilt on this Nashville Plow Works Confederate Sword is finger licking good.  The blade is full length and just a flea bite battle boo boo or three.  Nothing bad see pictures, just mentioned because [...]Read more

Confederate Officer Sword

SOLD Confederate Officer Sword with etched blade.  This Confederate Officer Sword has firm name and "CS" beautifully etched.  The floral design runs the length of the blade on both sides.  I love the Crossed Confederate Flags.  This Confederate Officer Sword is a scarce example to even find for sale.  [...]Read more
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