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Rebel Relics Japanese Sword

ON HOLD      Rebel Relics Japanese Sword with an over 27" inch long blade.  This Rebel Relics Japanese Sword has beautiful mounts.  I love the leather covered foul weather scabbard.  No doubt some Japanese Officer wanted a more Traditional Samurai Look to his sword.  The blade tang [...]Read more

Rebel Relics Shin Gunto Sword

$1,650.00  SOLD Rebel Relics Shin Gunto Sword with beautiful hamon.  This Rebel Relics Shin Gunto Sword has original officer tassel.  My first collectibles was finding arrowheads with my Dad as a Little Rebel.  Bought my first Rebel Relics Shin Gunto Sword around 12 years old.  This Rebel Relics Shin Gunto [...]Read more

Japanese Shin Gunto NCO Sword

 SOLD Japanese Shin Gunto NCO Sword with matching serial numbers.  This Japanese Shin Gunto NCO Sword is a nice World War II example.  One of the first swords I ever bought as a kid was a Japanese Shin Gunto NCO Sword.  This Shin Gunto has it's original paint on [...]Read more

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