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Civil War Relics Tin Type Image

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SOLD Civil War Relics Tin Type Image with bad ass little Corp Badge.  This Civil War Relics Tin Type Image is clear with armed Yankee.  The Corp Badge is neat and his name is written in the case.  I have done zero research on this Yankee.  This Civil War [...]Read more

Civil War Relics Maine Yankee Image

$300.00 Civil War Relics Maine Yankee Image housed in beautiful thermoplastic case.  This Civil War Relics Maine Yankee Image has his name and plenty of other handwritten notes.  This is a fresh to the market Civil War Relics Maine Yankee Image.  The case solid with no chips.  I like [...]Read more

Civil War Relics …. 1/6 Plate Yankee

SOLD Civil War Relics .... 1/6 Plate Yankee Artillery Soldier.  This Civil War Relics .... 1/6 Plate Yankee is ready to ride.  He is holding plenty of Cold Steel.  Got his trust sword by his side and holding a Colt Revolver.  Best part about this Yankee is his [...]Read more

Florida Confederate Image

$1,995.00 Florida Confederate Image identified to Robert Watson.  Robert Watson served in Co. K, 7 Florida Volunteers.  This Florida Confederate Image is a 1/6 plate.  The image is in a full case with decorative U.C.V. Era my guess, Confederate flag.  This Florida Confederate Image is a tin type.  [...]Read more

Robert E. Lee Cabinet Card

SOLD Robert E. Lee Cabinet Card marked M. Miley & Sons.  This Robert E. Lee Cabinet Card is also marked Carbon Studio Lexington, Va.  The image of General Robert E. Lee is clear with some age spots.  The card has some staining with handling marks.  The back of [...]Read more

General Custer’s 1874 Black Hills Expedition

$1,200.00 General Custer's 1874 Black Hills Expedition by W. H. Illingworth.  Scarce stereograph with beautiful detail of General Custer's 1874 Black Hills Expedition.  W. H. Illingworth was hired to photograph the expedition by Captain William Ludlow.  Captain Ludlow provided Illingworth necessary equipment, rations and supplies.  W. H. Illingworth [...]Read more

Geronimo Apache Indian Chief

$2,500.00 Geronimo Apache Indian Chief cabinet card this iconic image shows the Apache leader with full feathered headdress and holding a rare Confederate Texas manufactured Dance Revolver.  This is an extremely popular image of Apache Chief Geronimo.  I love the traditional Native American headdress, fringed buckskins, and just look into those [...]Read more

Confederate Image 1/6 Plate

SOLD Old Times  ~  Confederate Image 1/6 Plate of a young Confederate soldier getting ready to go fight the War of Northern Aggression.  Beautiful sixth plate ambrotype of a handsome Rebel wearing his Confederate uniform.  This uniform is similar to those worn by the soldiers of the [...]Read more

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