Confederate Swords

Confederate Officer Sword

SOLD Confederate Officer Sword with etched blade.  This Confederate Officer Sword has firm name and "CS" beautifully etched.  The floral design runs the length of the blade on both sides.  I love the Crossed Confederate Flags.  This Confederate Officer Sword is a scarce example to even find for sale.  [...]Read more

Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword

SOLD Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword with stunning Confederate patina.  This Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword has it's original leather scabbard.  I coined the "CONFEDERATE PATINA" phrase many years ago.  I have since seen it used by many collectors when they bring my items to market.  This [...]Read more

Enlisted Men’s Confederate Cavalry Saber

$4,250.00.    ON HOLD Enlisted Men's Confederate Cavalry Saber with picture perfect Rebel Relics condition.  This Enlisted Men's Confederate Cavalry Saber is Civil War Relics perfect.  This sword was made by Louis Haiman and Elias Haiman.  They were businessmen in Columbus, Georgia originally tinsmith before the War of [...]Read more

Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword

SOLD Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword with firm name casted into the hilt.  This is the second Boyle and Gamble Confederate Sword of this pattern I have had lately.  The hilt reads "BOYLE GAMBLE & MACFEE RICHMOND VA" nice and clear.  The hilt is solid with no [...]Read more

Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword

SOLD Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword with outstanding eye appeal and condition.  If your collection is missing a Confederate Civil War Cavalry Sword here is your sword.  The handle leather and wire are original.  The grip is tight with no wobble.  The original Confederate scabbard has an [...]Read more

B. Douglas Confederate Sword

SOLD B. Douglas Confederate Sword with it's original B. Douglas Confederate Scabbard.  Here is another instant Rebel Relics Classic.  This B. Douglas Confederate Sword sums up all the collector clichés.  It's untouched attic in the black unmolested and ready for love.  This Confederate Sword has the Rebel [...]Read more

North Carolina Confederate Sword

SOLD North Carolina Confederate Sword with original scabbard.  This North Carolina Confederate Sword has attic fresh condition.  It is hard to find a restoration free North Carolina Confederate Sword.  This Confederate Sword still has the original leather wrap.  Even the wire wrap round the grip original.  The patina [...]Read more
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