Civil War Relics Dug Confederate Pewter Button

$145.00 Civil War Relics Dug Confederate Pewter Button found in Savannah, Georgia.  This Civil War Relics Dug Confederate Pewter Button is beautiful.  This is part of a large Civil War Relics Confederate Button Collection.  Every button has the location of the dig.  Every Collection needs a Civil War Relics [...]Read more

Civil War Relics Sale

SOLD Civil War Relics Sale Today.  Check out the two item Civil War Relics Sale.  Buttons ... Who got them Rebel Relics Buttons?  Ole Rebel got them and Civil War Relics Sale on the way out the door to the Kansas City Show.  Here is two nice [...]Read more

Confederate Solid Cast Infantry Button

SOLD Confederate Solid Cast Infantry Button with Rebel Relics Strong eye appeal.  This Confederate Solid Cast Infantry Button still had a little bit of Georgia Red Clay particles hanging tough.  This Confederate Solid Cast Infantry Button has one very cool trait.  Notice the back of the button actually [...]Read more

Confederate General Service Button

SOLD Confederate General Service Button with the magic letters C.S.A. on the face.  This Confederate General Service Button is the only thing Civil War with CSA on it that is still "cheap".  I have been with two different diggers and saw each dig one of these buttons here [...]Read more

Confederate Georgia Coat Button

SOLD Confederate Georgia Coat Button with interesting story.  This Confederate Georgia Coat Button was brought by my table at the Franklin Show years ago.  The lady had a box of Civil War Relics.  In the box was a Confederate D Guard and other treasures.  There was a pile [...]Read more

Confederate Coat Button

SOLD Confederate Coat Button with beautiful face.  This Confederate Coat Button shows actual usage.  Many of these buttons have been excavated in Civil War sites.  This Confederate Coat Button does show honest service usage. The patina is beautiful.  The back mark is correct for Civil War usage.  The [...]Read more
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