Native American Bow Set


Native American Bow Set with Rebel Relics Strong eye appeal.  This Native American Bow Set is in wonderful condition.  I bought this out West on my adventure.  The seller oral history was 1860 to 1870 on the age.  It had been in a collection for over 40 years.

This Native American Bow Set does have some age.  There was one at the Baltimore Show.  It was being marketed as an Antique Bow from around the same time period.  I actually like this Native American Bow Set better.  The price on that set was $7,500.00 bucks.

This Native American Bow Set should sell fast.  Just single arrows are selling for $250.00 to $350.00 saw bucks.  This Native American Bow Set is as nice as any I have seen lately.  The construction and materials look the part.  I am selling this as a decoration.  I do think it is old but, I just want to keep your business and not say something I am not 100% percent sure.  The materials the Native Americans used and techniques can be re-purposed and duplicated.  I have seen some awesome material lately that was brand new.  I will be honest that was educational.

This Native American Bow Set was sold to me as old.  I am selling as a decoration.  I have no reason to think it is not.  Check out the price point and compare.  You can’t lose buying your Relics from me.  I am sure in a few years my opinions will get stronger.  I just like this approach for the time being.  Any questions please reach out.  Thank you so much for supporting my addiction, I mean business.

I have a passion for Antique Native American Artifacts.  My Dad would take me to the plowed fields when I was young.  We would search for points and even find some pottery from time to time.  Native American Artifacts have been in my blood for over 40 years.  My listing will be a honest observation from my knowledge base. I truly love provenance and will do my best to keep track of the history.  I believe personal collections is an awesome way to preserve and share our American History.  It seems museums and institutions have been hit by the political correctness bug.  Many Native American Artifacts are hidden and not being shared.

I love preserving and collecting historical artifacts.  I apply to Native American Artifacts the same principles I use for buying Civil War Relics.  I fully expect to make some mistakes. Especially early on with the selling of these Native American Antiques.  I have quietly collected and sold many items.  My desire now is to really step up my business dealings.  If I don’t make any mistakes, I am not working hard enough.  If you see that I have made a mistake major or minor, please reach out.  “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” Proverbs 11:14 …. I look forward to bringing the very best in authentic Native American Artifacts.  I will also be selling Native American Artifacts that are old but maybe not antique.  These artifacts display great and offer the collector wonderful decorations.  If you have any artifacts or helpful information, please feel free to contact me.  My terms and condition will apply to everything sold on this website.  Only change is a money back guarantee on the Pipe Tomahawks.  I just want to earn your trust on these Artifacts.



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