American Indian Tomahawk


American Indian Tomahawk with deep unmolested patina.  This American Indian Tomahawk dates around mid to late 1700’s.  This is my first offering for American Indian Tomahawk examples for sale.  I am excited to start offering these Artifacts.  I currently own over 30 American Indian Tomahawks.  I have handled 500 or more in the last few  years.   I have visited all the museums, read the books, and even bought the faked ones to study.  It is time for The Brian Akins American Indian Tomahawk Trade to get going.

These American Indian Tomahawk artifacts are near and dear to my heart.  Every time I look and hold one I get excited.  Yes, this is a business but truly based on love, education, and sharing these American Indian Tomahawks.  I am not even sure of the popularity around the United States or the interest.  That said, if I owned them all that would tickle me to death.  This is my first American Indian Tomahawk for sale.  That said, everyone of these has a 100% money back guarantee.  I have no problem offering this and look forward to growing my expertise and sharing information.

This American Indian Tomahawk measures roughly 14″ inches overall.  The head is 5 1/2″ inches long.  The edge of the blade is 2 1/4″ inches long.  This is a small American Indian Tomahawk.  The haft is wrapped in wire.  I believe the wire is telegraph wire.  The wire in my opinion is original and old.  I suspect it was added later in the life and usage of this American Indian Tomahawk.  There is no doubt it has been there during the period of use.  I love the bone mouthpiece and has a wood plug in the clean out hole.

This American Indian Tomahawk is a heavy little example.  It was crafted for war and not ceremony.  I believe this American Indian Tomahawk was originally from the Great Lakes Area.  Very well could have found it’s way out West.  That is where this American Indian Tomahawk surfaced and probably picked up the wire.  This American Indian Tomahawk is tight and feels awesome when held.  The eye appeal and condition are awesome and will be cherished by it’s new owner.

Please enjoy the pictures I have posted.  Trying to find good pictures on the American Indian Tomahawk is also hard to find.  The books are all old and mostly black and white images.  I have a FaceBook page dedicated to American Indian Tomahawk and Knives.  Feel free to like the page and follow along.  If you have anything to share in an educational and positive way, please contact me.  I am excited to learn and grow my knowledge.  I have seen many modern aged examples sell at auctions and shows.  Most I suspect were done out of ignorance and not deceit.  I hope we can share, have fun, and educate ourselves as we go on this journey.  I have learned enough to know we need an authority and a “go to” guy on these American Indian Tomahawk Artifacts.  One that is accessible and willing to help.  I have helped people in the Civil War Relics Business build huge awesome collections.  I have saved people THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on fake swords, bowie knives, and waist belt plates.  I feel I can provide that service to the American Indian Tomahawk Trade.  The Civil War Relics Business is full of egos and attitudes.  I hope to find a more gentle and less egotistical group of people in this collecting community.  As with the civil war relics, I am here to serve and have fun.

The price on this American Indian Tomahawk is firm.  I feel it should be a $4,995.00 dollar example.  I will send a letter of authenticity with each American Indian Tomahawk and 100% money back guarantee.  Looking forward to learning and having fun …… Down the Trail.

I have a passion for Antique Native American Artifacts.  My Dad would take me to the plowed fields when I was young.  We would search for points and even find some pottery from time to time.  Native American Artifacts have been in my blood for over 40 years.  My listing will be a honest observation from my knowledge base. I truly love provenance and will do my best to keep track of the history.  I believe personal collections is an awesome way to preserve and share our American History.  It seems museums and institutions have been hit by the political correctness bug.  Many Native American Artifacts are hidden and not being shared.

I love preserving and collecting historical artifacts.  I apply to Native American Artifacts the same principles I use for buying Civil War Relics.  I fully expect to make some mistakes. Especially early on with the selling of these Native American Antiques.  I have quietly collected and sold many items.  My desire now is to really step up my business dealings.  If I don’t make any mistakes, I am not working hard enough.  If you see that I have made a mistake major or minor please reach out.  “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” Proverbs 11:14 …. I look forward to bringing the very best in authentic Native American Artifacts.  If you have any artifacts or helpful information please feel free to contact me.  My terms and condition will apply to everything sold on this website.  Only change is a money back guarantee on the Pipe Tomahawks.  I just want to earn your trust on these Artifacts.

Don’t sleep on this American Indian Tomahawk.  The price point is under market.  The quality of this American Indian Tomahawk is very nice.  The Nashville Rebel has gone Native and ready to War Dance.


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