Native American Relics War Club


Native American Relics War Club with strong eye appeal and condition.  This Native American Relics War Club is ready for Display or War Party.  The Stone is football shaped and wrapped in sinew.  The handle is made from wood and wrapped in rawhide.  The seam is also sewn with sinew.  As the rawhide dried it bound this weapon.  This Native American Relics War Club was used by the Plains Indians.  Originally these clubs were probably shorter and then longer as horses were brought into the Native American Culture.  Can you imagine a Warrior chasing you down and smashing your head from a galloping horse.

This Native American Relics War Club displays vintage.  It has classy eye appeal and a show stopper.  Native American Relics are true weapons but sure display like artwork.  There are many contemporary and reproductions out there but they just don’t have the feel or aesthetics of the real deal.  I love that this War Club had a drop at one time.  Wish we knew what was hanging down at one time.

Native American Relics was my first love.  My dad would take me arrowhead hunting as a child.  My Great Grandmother was Cherokee so it’s in my blood.  I have been quietly amassing a huge collection of Native American Relics.  Some of that being over 20 authentic Pipe Axes.  Looking forward to brining you the best in Native American Relics.

I have a passion for Antique Native American Artifacts.  My Dad would take me to the plowed fields when I was young.  We would search for points and even find some pottery from time to time.  Native American Artifacts have been in my blood for over 40 years.  My listing will be a honest observation which will include basic information.  I will be happy to include who I purchased them from to the buyer.  I truly love provenance and will do my best to keep track of the history.  I believe personal collections are some awesome ways to preserve and share our American History in a honest setting.  It seems museums and institutions have been molested by political correctness and have changed many aspects to fit a false narrative.  I was told once that those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. 

I love preserving and collecting historical artifacts.  I apply to Native American Artifacts the same principles I use for buying Civil War Relics.  I fully expect to make some mistakes especially early on with the selling of these Native American Antiques.  I have quietly collected and sold many items but, not on the scale that will soon take place.  matter of fact, if I don’t make any mistakes, I am not working hard enough.  If you see that I have made a mistake major or minor please reach out.  “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” Proverbs 11:14 …. I look forward to bringing the very best I can find in authentic Native American Artifacts.  If you have any artifacts or helpful information please feel free to contact me.  My terms and condition will apply to everything sold on this website. 


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