Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster


Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster with Rebel Relics Civil War Relics Strong Condition.  This Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster is solid and ready for another campaign.  A #2 Smith & Wesson Revolver fits perfectly in this holster.  This Civil War Relics Holster is Nashville Rebel Approved.  If your new to Civil War Relics or Rebel Relics the “Nashville Rebel Approved” means unbeatable value.  It means price point and quality are unbeatable and you will not get a better deal anywhere.  Who say …. Ole Rebel say.  Check out the pictures and do a BIG OLE REBEL YELL and call The Nashville Rebel.

This Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster has a solid stitched seam.  I love the tooled flap and the so often seen closure stud.  Ain’t no way this holster was carried by Bobby B. Yankee.  This Civil War Relics Bad Boy smells John. J. Rebel used.  This Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster has an open toe with solid wide single belt loop.

This Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster would look awesome laying beside your Civil War Relics belt rig.  Please study the pictures and check out The World Famous Rebel Relics Civil War Relics Price Tag.  You have a friend in the Civil War Relics Business.  If your tired of seeing over priced civil war relics for sale, call The Nashville Rebel.  If your tired of sketchy write ups with obvious “BS” oozing out the description, call me.  I have your Civil War Relics with no bullshit and Rebel Relics Priced.

This Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster could easily be priced $750.00 to $895.00 or more.  I have included man pictures of this Civil War Relics Beauty.  I hope to see you at the Richmond Civil War Relics Show.  I will be there ready to Rebel Yell.  If your thinking about selling a few Civil War Relics let me know.

Thank you for looking at my website.  Please check out my facebook page “Brian Akins”.  I update from the shows and auctions on my finds.  It is an awesome way to keep track of new Civil War Relics.  There is usually some excitement along the way and some sightseeing.  Many times I have got to meet customers along the way because they saw my travel plans on FaceBook or Youtube.  I also have sixty or so videos on YouTube.  If you enjoy the videos please hit the subscribe button.  Most of the videos are on different Civil War Relics.  I live here in Middle Tennessee near the Stones River Battle.  Just minutes from Larry Hicklen and his shop.  I have been doing business with Middle Tennessee Relics since I was in grade school. If your thinking of selling a single item or collection, Rebel Yell.  I offer the industry leading low rate of 10% consignment fee.  Feel free to compare that rate anywhere in the world. I also purchase single items and collections.  Civil War Relics is my passion.  I am the American Picker since I was a kid. I was American Picking at yard sales when I was a child with money made from selling chewing gum at school. I also sell Tennessee Long Rifles and related material.  I do attend several Antique Long Rifle Shows a year.  I have an extensive Native American Collection also.  I am a member of the Antique Bowie Knife Association.  I have sold some of the rarest Confederate Bowie Knives known.  If you have any Civil War Veteran Items I’m also strong in that market.  I have sold over 300 United Confederate Veteran Uniforms.  Rebel Relics is an internet business but I do attend most National and Regional Antique Arm Shows. I am the “call me” Civil War Relics Dealer.  I enjoy the interaction and getting to know my customers.  The World Famous Rebel Relics Pricing is not just a gimmick.  Very seldom … like never do I see a better value for the same Civil War Relics anywhere else.  I also sell Japanese Shin Gunto Swords.  Many of them have the older authentic Samurai blades.  I do sell authentic Samurai Armor and related material.  Thank you for taking the time to read my little summary here.  No Civil War Relics Collection is to large.  I recently picked up the Blue Gray Museum from Decatur, Alabama on consignment.  This was the largest privately owned Civil War Museum in the world.  I have the network and resources to handle any Antique Military Collection.  Please know I value your business and your time.  If you need anything please Rebel Yell.  Tennessee Residents must pay State Sales Tax of 9.75%.

Don’t sleep on this Civil War Relics Antique Leather Holster.  It is an awesome example and Civil War Relics Rebel Relics Priced.  The Nashville Rebel has your six in the Civil War Relics Business.  Feel free to call me anytime.

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