Civil War Yankee Artillery Shell Jacket

$1,495.00   SOLD

Civil War Yankee Artillery Shell Jacket with wonderful eye appeal.  This Civil War Yankee Artillery Shell Jacket is solid with some whip stitched repair here and there.  Nothing unusual for Civil War Cloth just mentioned for accuracy.  The sleeve liner does have a military inspector stamp.  That said, it also has a costume company stamp.  Many were bought as surplus by costume companies.  I have seen many with the costume company stamp cut out or ink blotted.  It is just part of the history of this Civil War Yankee Artillery Shell Jacket.

This Civil War Yankee Artillery Shell Jacket displays awesome.  The buttons have a nice patina.  Both pillows in the back are reporting for duty.  The liner is also in good shape with some repair stitching here and there.  Another quick update getting ready for the Mansfield Ohio Show this weekend.  Check out the Rebel Relics Price.  You ain’t gonna find a better deal on Civil War Relics than Rebel Relics.

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