Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine


Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine found near The Pea Ridge Battlefield.  This Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine is in relic condition.  The condition does reflect the oral history.  This Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine was found near The Pea Ridge Battlefield a few years after the battle.  I bought this carbine from the picker and had it displayed in a Native American used firearms display.  I have since sold the centerpiece a brass tacked Springfield Trapdoor rifle.  This Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine has an Enfield band being used and the barrel is mushroomed at the muzzle.  The mismatched barrel band is something a Native American would have used out of necessity.  I have several Indian Trade Guns were mismatched parts were used to keep firearm serviceable.  The muzzle of the barrel being a little beat up is also a trait on several of the reported or obvious Native American used firearms I have owned.  I was told the barrels ended up this way by being pounded on the ground while dancing.  I have know idea if this is bullshit or truth.  I have seen many in this condition and maybe just weird coincidence.  That is the oral history and the history is free.  I have no reason to doubt it as there was no up charge then or now for the story.  The overall condition does suit the oral narrative.  This Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine itself fits the story.  This Hall Carbine could have been in native American hands well before the War of Northern Aggression.

The Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine was issued to the 1st US Dragoon and 2nd US Dragoon Regiments during the Mexican War.  They were also issued to the 3rd Dragoon Regiment.  Many of General Stephen W. Kearny’s soldiers used this carbine.  I read that these carbines were in the hands of troopers fighting  Comanches at Grand Prairie, Arkansas.  The Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine was also used out in the Southwest fighting Apache and other native Americans.

The 2nd Dragoons fought as part of General Scott’s force at the Battles of Cero Gordo, Molino del Rey and Chapultepec enroute to Mexico City. Following the Mexican War, the 2nd Dragoons were stationed in the southwest engaging in fights with hostile Apache and Navajo tribes as well as Mexican bandits.  The Western Theater was full of units also issued the Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine.  The 6th Missouri Cavalry, 5th Iowa cavalry, 3rd Illinois Cavalry, 9th Illinois Cavalry and several others regiments.

Many other units in the Western Theater were issued with Model 1843 Hall Carbines. These included the 6th Missouri Cavalry, the 5th Iowa Cavalry, the 3rd Illinois Cavalry, the 9th Illinois Cavalry, and many other regiments. By late 1863, the Hall Carbines were getting worn out and were gradually being replaced with more modern carbines. By the summer of 1864, the number of cavalry regiments armed with Model 1843 Hall Carbines was down to six with 700 Carbines listed in service. By 1865, only the 15th Kansas Cavalry, the 6th Missouri State Militia and the 1st Dakota Cavalry were issued with Hall Carbines.  I did a quick search and some of these Yankee Units were at the Battle of Pea Ridge.  Maybe this Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine was lost before the battle or discarded.  These probably were not the favored weapon of choice by then.

I like this carbine and the story sounds cool and who knows maybe true.  All the original factory markings look to have been removed or rubbed out.  Another characteristic of someone not liking Yankee markings.  Sounds like a Rebel Indian to Ole Rebel.  “LAUGHING” I have tagged this Model 1843 Hall Percussion Carbine with The World Famous Rebel Relics Price.  I have seen just the actions on these guns priced over $800.00 with no other parts.  If your interested in this carbine give Ole Rebel a Big Rebel Relics Yell.  I will be at the Mansfield, Ohio Show this coming weekend.  Please drift through my site and check out the other bargains.  I love Civil War Relics!!

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