Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine


Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine with stunning Rebel Relics condition.  This Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine is the poster stud for attic condition.  This Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine puts the “black” in “in the black”.  Completely unmolested and untouched.  This Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine was likely carried by Charles M. Davis.  Charles M. Davis served in the 11th Virginia Cavalry.  All three of his initials and his company are nicely carved in the stock.  If you have this Confederate Carbine sitting across your legs.  Like you were sitting in the saddle or on a stump.  The initials are just perfectly placed.  I can see him in camp or on picket duty personalizing his Confederate Sharps Carbine.   The barrel is nicely marked with Richmond Va.  This is an all original all matching Confederate Carbine.

If you have been around Rebel Relics very long you know me and carved relics.  I do have 100% confidence in this carving.  I do not have any family documentation or notarized letters.  This Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine surfaced in New York.  It was found with no fan fare.  I did the research on the carving.  It was sold to me as is by another dealer.  The soldier uses all three initials during the period too.  Having his company carved on the stock too is strong.  I have added no dollar value for the identification.  That said, I truly believe this is the Trooper.

The barrel, frame, and action all have matching serial numbers.  The serial number of this Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine is “4874”.  This S. C. Robinson Sharps Carbine is truly a museum quality investment.  The action works as it should.  The brass hardware has a gorgeous untouched patina.  Even the sling swivel is still reporting for duty.  The bore is knee deep.  Confederate Firearms are usually have tired “sewer pipe” bores.  This bore will cut your finger.  It literally could zap an invading Yankee right now at 200 yards.

Private Charles M. Davis served in company D. of the 11th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry.  The 11th Confederate Virginia Cavalry was organized in February 1863.  This was done by consolidating several other Confederate Companies.  This unit served in the Army of Northern Virginia.  They fought at Upperville, Fairfield, Bristoe, and Mine Run.  Later in the War they fought at the Wilderness Campaign.  They participated in the defense of Richmond and early Shenandoah Valley Operations.

I have tagged this Confederate Richmond Sharps Carbine with the Rebel Relics Pricing.  It has the Rebel guarantee that this Bad Ass sings Dixie Land and Amazing Grace.  Merry Christmas and Thank you for supporting the cause.

If your in the Middle Tennessee area traveling or live around here.  Please come visit the Akins Americana and Rebel Relic Store Front in Smyrna, Tennessee.  We are located one mile from the Historic Sam Davis Home.  Sam Davis was a Confederate Hero and was hanged by the Yankees. Please check out the Rebel Relics FaceBook page.  Click the link on the home page.  I also have my personal page REBEL MAN on FaceBook.  I update from the shows and auctions.  Feel free to send me a friend request for either site or both. I am also Rebel on Twitter. Just a few minutes from the shop is three major Civil War Battles.  The Battle of Stones River, The Battle of Franklin, and The Battle of Nashville all less than 30 minutes from the store front.  Not to mention Middle Tennessee Relics operated by Larry Hicklen is right down the road.  Tom Hayes of Stones River Relics is also minutes away. I have many other Civil War Relics for sale in the shop.  Many of these items never see the website. If you have Civil War relics for sale.  Please let me know and we can set up an appointment. Rebel Yell if I can be of any assistance.

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