Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine


Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine with untouched condition.   This Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine is an extremely rare example of a Confederate made carbine.  This muzzle-loading carbine was manufactured by Bilharz, Hall and Co., of Pittsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, from late 1863 to early 1864. Manufacture of these rarely encountered Confederate cavalry carbines was originally attributed to D.C. Hodgkins and Sons of Macon, Georgia. Recent research indicates that the carbines were manufactured by Bilharz, Hall and Co. This Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine is very similar to the U.S. Springfield Model 1855 percussion carbine.   This Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine does have it’s original ram rod.  The swivel rods were unpopular with soldiers.  The Virginia Cavalry Trooper did away with the swivel.  He used the original rod backwards.  The barrel is fitted with a fixed, dovetail mounted front and rear sight.  The front site is just like the “pinched” front site on the Richmond carbines.  The trigger guard has been turned around.  The Virginia Trooper then added a nipple protector.  Both of the in the field modifications are awesome.  The nipple protector more practical that the little ring for carry.  The carbine has an iron trigger guard, butt plate and spring fastened barrel band. The forearm tip is pewter and in very good condition. There are no visible markings on the lock plate. The barrel does have a strong proof mark. This Bilharz, Hall & Co. Muzzleloading Carbine has the correct 22 inch barrel.  The area around the nipple shows honest pitting from usage.  Most of these carbines if you look around at the Civil War Relics sites show heavy usage.  This Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine has excellent eye appeal.  The condition is much better than most I have seen.  The one pictured in the book “Confederate Carbines & Musketoons”  by John M. Murphy shows an example with “5th VA” carved on it.  The internals all match with factory mating numbers and serial number 541.  Confederate Carbines & Musketoons by John Murphy and supplement research by Howard Madaus, as they only note 9 known examples …. 2 with barrel “serial numbers” under 350 with brass nose caps (“1st Type”) and the rest with “serial numbers” above 350 with pewter nose caps (“2nd Type”). Whether it was a lack of raw materials, the loss of his most skilled workmen to Richmond or both, it appears that the firm Bilharz, Hall & Co. Muzzleloading Carbines stopped making and delivering arms sometime in the last half of 1864.  This is a beautiful Bilharz, Hall Company Confederate Carbine.  If you love Civil War Relics and live in Virginia, Merry Christmas.  If this Confederate Carbine was a Tennessee made piece it would be priceless to me.  One of the rarest Confederate Carbines you can own.  Rebel Relics Priced for satisfaction guaranteed.

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