Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell


Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell with brass fuse plug.  This Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell has complete lead sabot.  The brass fuse plug screws in and out with no problems.  This Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell had a paper time fuse.  Shell weighs around nine pounds.  These Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shells were shot from 3 inch Ordnance Rifles.  This shell I bought at the Richmond, Virginia show.  I surfaced in the Richmond, Virginia area is all I was told.  I like this example and maybe the red paint means something.  Every collection should have a Federal Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell.  This example is nice and honest.  The best part is the World Famous Rebel Relics Pricing.  I am gonna have to get back to the late night Rebel Relics Updates.  having a blast down here playing music and listing Civil War Relics.

If your in the Middle Tennessee area traveling or live around here.  Please come visit the Akins Americana and Rebel Relic Store Front in Smyrna, Tennessee.  We are located one mile from the Historic Sam Davis Home.  Sam Davis was a Confederate Hero and was hanged by the Yankees. Just a few minutes from the shop is three major Civil War Battles.  The Battle of Stones River, The Battle of Franklin, and The Battle of Nashville all less than 30 minutes from the store front.  Not to mention Middle Tennessee Relics operated by Larry Hicklen is right down the road.  Tom Hayes of Stones River Relics is also minutes away. I have many other Civil War Relics for sale in the shop.  Many of these items never see the website. If you have Civil War relics for sale.  Please let me know and we can set up an appointment. Rebel Yell if I can be of any assistance.

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