Geronimo Apache Indian Chief


Geronimo Apache Indian Chief cabinet card this iconic image shows the Apache leader with full feathered headdress and holding a rare Confederate Texas manufactured Dance Revolver.  This is an extremely popular image of Apache Chief Geronimo.  I love the traditional Native American headdress, fringed buckskins, and just look into those eyes.  The image is roughly 4×6 inches mounted on a 5-1/4” x 7 1/4” board stamped in the lower margin “IRWIN, CHICKASHA, IND. TER.” This was a professional studio photograph by Irwin of the famed Apache Indian chief, one of the most illusive of all the Great Plains native American Chiefs. He fought against the invading white man and was eventually captured by General Cook.   The great Geronimo Apache Indian Chief eventually escaped & finally surrendered to General Miles.  The image is clear and you can plainly see the details on his face.  The Confederate Dance Revolver is wonderful on it’s own and being held by Geronimo, is fantastic.  Geronimo Apache Indian Chief does qualify as a Rebel in Rebel Relics land.  The back of this cabinet card has an old price “3200” and an inventory number.  A little farther down the card it has “Geronimo – Apache Chief -“.  Towards the bottom of the card has a past owners name.  She reminds me of when I was young and not so smart.  I wrote my initials on all my baseball cards.  Live and learn for sure.  There is also a business address stamped in red on the back of the card.  The overall condition of the card itself wonderful.  The corners have not been clipped.  The edges are still solid and no writing on the front.  The photographer “IRWIN” stamp is strong.  The “Chickasha Ind. Ter.” stamp is also very good.  I have seen lesser images over 3,000.00 dollars at the shows.  I have put the World Famous Native American Rebel Relic Pricing on this piece.  I just bought a nice collection of images.  Please check back for many more Civil War Relics for sale.

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