Civil War Confederate Kepi


Confederate Headgear  ~  Civil War Confederate Kepi original sold by The Horse Soldier and has their business letter.  The letter states the history of the kepi with details where it surfaced.  This Civil War Confederate Kepi also has a letter of authenticity from Les Jensen.  Les Jensen is considered the guru for Civil War period authenticity on Confederate uniforms and headgear.  The Les Jensen letter is addressed to The Horse Soldier and referenced in their letter.

This Civil War Confederate Kepi is a chasseur pattern typical of many other Confederate pieces.  This hat is trimmed with flat metallic braid which is gold in color.  The top at one time had a button set in the center.  You can see the shadow of the button and the hole for the shank.  There is no lining in the cap but the top is stiffened with a tan pasteboard.  The pasteboard is covered with a cotton cloth.  The band is also stiffened with pasteboard.  The sweat band  is of leather with pasteboard stiffener.  There are period repairs but no modern restoration to this kepi.

The visor is made of three layers of leather.  The top of black patent leather, the middle of black, and the bottom of brown leather.  The chinstrap is made of flat gold braid.  Only one of the brass buttons remains intact.  The button has a tin back and about 7mm.  This kepi surfaced with two other Confederate Kepis in Arkansas.

The letter states that they believe this to be a Confederate Drummer Boy Kepi probably belonging to the Confederate Artillery Officer of the other two kepis.  The kepi is smaller than most but for that period could have been a small man.  The letter states that very few Confederate child’s kepis exist.  I have put the World Famous Rebel Relic pricing on this example and Rebel Yell if I can be of service.

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