Confederate Image 1/6 Plate


Old Times  ~  Confederate Image 1/6 Plate of a young Confederate soldier getting ready to go fight the War of Northern Aggression.  Beautiful sixth plate ambrotype of a handsome Rebel wearing his Confederate uniform.  This uniform is similar to those worn by the soldiers of the 46th Virginia Infantry.  The uniform has dark shoulder tabs and collar and the jacket buttons have been gilted.  This Confederate Image 1/6 plate is housed in a full case but the binding has worn out and in two pieces.  I believe Hobby Lobby has some black cloth tape collectors use to put the cases back together.  The case still locks and has both little brass lobster claw hooks.  I was told this image maybe published but I have not had time to even look in any of the Confederate Image Books.  This is a very clear image with a few light scratches but overall an excellent Confederate Image.  I have put the World Famous Rebel Relic Pricing on it!!  Feel free to contact me with any questions concerning this item.  If you have any Civil War Relics for sale please Rebel Yell.  The Rebel operator is standing by and push one for Southern English.

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