Confederate Percussion Cap Box


Confederate Percussion Cap Box   ~    Beautiful Confederate Percussion Cap Box with Rebel Relic strong eye appeal and condition.  This percussion cap box has Southern War Time craftsmanship everywhere from the hand stitched construction to the very crude sand cast closure stud.  The two belt loops have tooled edges and noticeably crude placement and stitching.  This box is free of any of the federal manufacturing tool marks “*” anywhere on this box.  The leather is very supple and visual inspection shows the imperfections in the leather and different tones in the leather.  This box surfaced out of Shelbyville, Tennessee several years ago along with other local Civil War Relics.  This Confederate Percussion Cap Box is ready for display and would look great on your Confederate belt.  It currently is displayed in my Confederate Shotgun Display and looks great.  I have seen several at the shows this year with similar construction and all were priced from $700.00 – $1,250.00.  Here is another World Famous Rebel Relic and priced well below market value.

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